Thursday, 2 February 2012

Jobs from the past - Number 28

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by...

Christmas at Liberty 2007
Press Invitation
This is quite simply one of the most stunning invitations that I've seen, it is one of the most beautiful and innovative pieces produced on our Flockage Litho.If you click on the image below, it will enlarge and hopefully you'll be able to see what I mean...
The size of the invitation is 210x148mm (A5).  It is totally unprinted on the flock side, just "heat de-bossed"  - This is a process where you make a block as if for hot foil blocking, and using the foiling machine you simply de-boss using the combination of heat and pressure but with no foil. On the Flocked surface this has the effect of flattenning the pile, so that it becomes smooth and the effect is subtle yet very noticeable.

The Flockage Litho 300gsm has been mounted (duplexed) onto another thicker white board, probably another 300gsm  (unfortunately the type of board has been lost in the mists of time) giving a total thickness of about 700microns. The text on the reverse of the invitation is printed in litho silver.  

Design is by Studio Thomson. Print production, which is simple (but very well executed) is by Xtraprint based in London EC2.
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