Tuesday, 7 February 2012

News from down under...

Yesterday I received some news from down under from my old friend Vince Frost - and he's cooking! Vince is joining hundreds of other Australian CEOs and many celebrity chefs to raise money and awareness related to homelessness. 

The CEO CookOff is a joint initiative of OzHarvest and Qantas. The event will bring together 30 celebrity chefs and 200 CEOs to raise awareness around food security and one of Australia's major social issues, homelessness.
You can help support Vince by clicking here http://www.ceocookoff.com.au/profile/776
to check out the site and then click on the 'donate now' button to help fund this worthy cause.
Is it my imagination, or do they just seem to have a lot more fun down in Australia?!

Posted by Justin Hobson 07.02.2012

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