Friday, 8 June 2012

Book - Wrap

Here's an interesting little project that I was able to help out with.

 This is Real Art has just published their first book under their new TiRA publishing imprint.

Shibuya by Adam Hinton is a limited edition photo book (500 copies) documenting Japanese commuters at the world's busiest station and intersection: Tokyo's Shibuya. A sequence of 29 portraits revealing both the misery and pressures involved in the daily commute. Case bound in soft grey cloth, the cover has a simple foil embossed graphic from the Japanese 'walk/don't walk' sign, along with the books title in katakana lettering.

Anyway, they wanted something lovely to wrap the book in and after I sent samples, decided that our Offenbach Bible in 40gsm had the right physical properties for folding whilst also having the right feel to go with a publication about Japan, which is a very paper conscious society.

The poster/wrap is printed with a halftone (monotone) image in Pantone 1795 on Offenbach Bible 40gsm. The image forms the inside of the wrap. The plain paper side (outside) which is left white is then stamped with a custom made rubber stamp.

Printing on the Offenbach Bible 40gsm (which isn't every printer's cup of tea!), was beautifully done by Robert Young at R.Young & Son, based in Croydon.
Paul Belford is Creative Director at This is Real Art and Martin Brown is Head of Design.

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