Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I've been sent details of an interesting event happening in August in the Netherlands. Students at the St.Joost academy are organizing a Dutch graphic design summer school OPEN SET.

The event is totally organized by students and they've pulled together some fantastic speakers from the world of Dutch Graphic Design, including:

Petr van Blokland
Hugues Boekraad
Max Bruinsma
Thomas Castro (Studio LUST)
Liza Enebeis (Studio DUMBAR)
Max Kisman
Jan van Toorn

The event will take place at House of Visual Culture in Breda (the event is supported by the Graphic Design Festival Breda) and takes place from 13th till 25th of August (the deadline for application is 25th of June!)

For more information about the event please visit the official website:

Thank you to Irina Shapiro (who is one of the student organisers and a fan of this blog!) for letting me know about the event - (also, I didn't know that the lovely Liza Enebeis who I used to work with at Pentagram many years ago is now at Studio DUMBAR).
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