Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Most followers of this blog know that I try to keep keep my posts positive,  interesting,  paper related and occasionally light hearted! ...and rarely do I slag things off.  However I have to share with you something that both amused and frustrated me at the same time!
Last summer (2011) a follower of this blog sent me a link to the new Antalis McNaughton "Creative Papers" blog. On reading it, I felt it was clearly an attempt to create a blog along similar lines to this one. Although it is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I find it frustrating when a multi BILLION pound global corporation (Antalis turnover £480 million and they are part of Sequana which turnover €3.9 billion!) follows the trend of a small little company like us rather than doing something new and setting their own trend.

As it turns out, I should have had no concerns whatsoever. It started on 3rd June 2011 and the last post was dated 2nd November 2011 with a total of 9 posts!

...and the most hilarious thing of all is that it wasn't written by a named individual, it's written by the "Creative Paper Expert" - not even I would try and aspire to that job title! 
"Welcome to the Creative Papers blog from Antalis McNaughton, the home of everything that is new, innovative, interesting and creative in the world of paper. Keep posted for ideas, thoughts, advice and suggestions from the experts in print and paper" ...but obviously nothing's happening in 2012!
Do have a look:
Please note this link doesn't work anymore - see the update below
Posted by Justin Hobson 06.09.2012
PS - an update 20.09.2012
After writing the above post about 'The Creative Paper Expert' and the above mentioned blog, the blog site was taken down and it's been erased from history! Fortunately, an archive copy of the blog has now appeared on the following link, so it's contents can now be enjoyed forever:

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