Friday, 5 October 2012

Favela Dream #01

Guillaume Cornet aka “Mr Guil” is a London based artist working with illustration and painting (Camberwell College of Arts, FDA Illustration, 2009 The Arts Institute At Bournemouth, ND Fine Art, 2007)

...and this is what he does (taken from his website) "he explores notions of abstract geometry, influenced by surreal perspectives and architecture to construct sometimes monochrome but mostly colourful and vibrant visual spaces. His works tend to be filled with intricate characters positioning themselves in unexpected geometrical environments. Creating a humorous visual language he frequently depicts unusual and bizarre situations"

He's just produced a series of limited editions of 6 silkscreened, fully hand coloured prints.(500 x 353 mm), titled Favela Dream, using our Colorset White 270gsm:
Click on the pics to enlarge
Guillaume is currently working on some larger prints, also on Colorset but in 350gsm. Do have a look at his website:
Posted by Justin Hobson 05.10.2012

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