Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Birdwatching Map

The 2012 Graphic Design Walk, organised by Graphic Birdwatching is a combined open studio walk and design exhibition celebrating the work & practise of both local & international female creatives.

This year's walk took place over two days in September during the London Design Festival and there were 12 studios in East London who opened their doors alongside a design exhibition at the 71a space on Leonard Street.
When you registered to go on the walk, you were given this lovely map to navigate your way around the studios. Size of the map is 544mm x 800mm folding down to 136x200mm.

On the reverse of the map is information and work of the various studios. The map was printed and finished by Newgate Concise who sponsored the printing. The map is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled in CMYK on both sides and we sponsored the paper for the map, as we did last year.
The map is designed by Catherine Nippe, who is also one of the organisers of Graphic Birdwatching.

Posted by Justin Hobson 16.10.2012

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