Monday, 8 October 2012

Ideas Illustrated Magazine issue 5

The fifth issue of Ideas Illustrated magazine has been published by YCN. It has been re-designed and has a new editorial focus. Issue 5 takes the theme of luck as a starting point and presents a mix of content aimed at those in the business of creativity and ideas - from the history of the Michelin Man to the future of the penal system.

"An idea a day keeps the sack away" is one of the smart points" (aka helpful advice) by advertising legend
John Hegarty that made me laugh (...and also, think!)
The magazine is printed on a combination of materials which really work with the content. The cover is on our Omnia 200gsm (nice and lightweight, thereby retaining the magazine feel), the text is a mixture of StarFine White 115gsm and our high gloss coated, Concorde Pure Brilliance 115gsm for the photographic spreads which require ink lift (see below spread)

...and in the interests of unbiased posting (!) there is also a section, printed on Cyclus Offset 100gsm.

The creative team at YCN on the project is as follows: Editor is Nick Defty, Art Director is Alex Hunting and the Staff Writer is Thomas J Hughes. This magazine looks and feels fantastic - the design, content and materials and quality of the print all working really well together.
Ideas Illustrated is published quarterly by YCN Ltd. Print is by Push.
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