Thursday, 4 October 2012

National Poetry Day 2012

Today is National Poetry day. I'm not a poet, so I'm not going to bother you with any of my poetry but I thought this might be a worthwhile time to mention that I've actually been at Fenner Paper for 20 years! (the actual anniversary was last month). I started as a paper merchant with the James McNaughton Paper Group in 1987 and after five very happy years, I met up with Chris and Tony Fenner ...and the rest is history!
One of my colleagues at McNaughton's was Debbie Wigglesworth, who over the years has also moved on in the industry, most recently working for that other, Hull based, paper merchant!  Anyway, at my 'leaving do' in 1992, she gave me a poem printed on translucent paper, mounted on a gorgeous piece of handmade paper made with flower petal inclusions. Needless to say, it's amongst my most prized posessions.
...and this is what she wrote (for the sake of context, I used to drive a VW polo):

Did you ever drive around London
and see a little tiny Polo with a long,
long man sticking out ...?
He was the local Paper Consultant
or something like that.
Before long it was realised that
not only were his legs unusually big
but his many talents were too.
In his new office , in front of him,
sat a new sign which read
'Advertising Manager' and was he!!
Very soon oodles of 'really good stuff'
was dropping through designers doors
splattered in magazines,
wacking printers between the eyes,
everyone was happy...
until one day, when his desk sign fell completely over
everyone tried to pick it up
but it wouldn't budge.
Across the city, some miles away,
a party could be heard.
Folks were preparing for the coming
of their new Marketing Manager.
The cleaning lady with her arms fully stretched
and balancing on her tiptoes
just managed to reach the new
name plate on the door
so she polished it until it sparkled
it read Justin Hobson.
So many people were sad to see him go
but liked him so much
that they had to wish him well...
...and so wish him well they did
and off he went to be a great success
My thanks to Debbie for the (v. flattering) poem and thanks to Fenner Paper for twenty amazing years and happy National Poetry day to you all.
Posted by Justin Hobson 04.10.2012

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