Friday, 26 April 2013

Nao Matsunaga

This is a catalogue for Japanese born artist Nao Matsunaga who studied at the University of Brighton (1999-2002) and the Royal College of Art (2005-07).
The publication has been very thoughtfully designed taking into account both language versions. The finished size of the catalogue is 210x140mm, portrait, saddle stiched. It has a 4pp cover and a 20pp text - and here's the clever bit -  the front cover, together with the first 6pp and last 6pp of text are cut short at 115mm wide, with the English text at the front and the Japanese text at the back.   
This picture, below,  hopefully gives you the best idea of what I've just described:
It is printed on our BrandX FSC 115gsm (this is part FSC virgin fibre and part recycled) which is matt coated. The material was chosen so that it would not be bright white reflecting the natural look and feel of the ceramics being shown but still be able to reproduce the images well. The cover is printed on Conqueror 300gsm and is hot foil blocked with opaque white gloss foil. Another really nice touch is the light red wire used on the saddle stitching.

Centre spread
Showing short pages in the back.
Design and art direction is by Luciana Newell of LBN Design based in Hackney. Photography is by Victoria Ling.

Print and production is by Will Pretty at Healeys Print Group who have done a beautiful job both in terms of the actual printing and repro (given the fact that some of the images are quite tricksy!) and the finishing, which is nice, clean and square.
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