Thursday, 18 April 2013

Storm Thorgerson

It's rare day when you hear the term "graphic designer" on BBC Radio 4, and rarer still when it's on the main news, but this evening came the sad news that Storm Thorgerson, graphic designer, died today aged 69, having been ill with cancer.

His work was synonymous with the band Pink Floyd and he was a childhood friend of the band members. His most famous album cover artwork was almost certainly Dark Side of the Moon with the cover showing a prism spreading a spectrum of colour but he also worked  for Led Zeppelin, The Alan Parsons Project, Peter Gabriel, Muse and the Cranberries amongst many others.

Design: Hipgnosis   Year: 1973
Art directors: Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell
Artwork:George Hardie
He began his career with UK design group Hipgnosis, founded in the late 1960s and his distinctive style made him one of the music industry's most recognisable artists. He later ran his own design group, Storm Studios.

Our thoughts and best wishes go to his family and friends.

Posted by Justin Hobson 18.04.2013

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