Wednesday, 12 June 2013

UAL Awards Ceremonies

Just the cover makes the difference...
Here's a job that's definitely worth a look at because it uses paper (in this case the board used for the cover) to increase the quality and feel of the whole project.
This is the 2012 Awards Ceremonies brochure for the University of the Arts London which includes Camberwell College of Arts, Central St Martins, Chelsea College of Art and Design, the LCC, the London College of Fashion and Wimbledon College of Art. The size is 240x170mm, Portrait, perfect bound with a 120pp text.   
As you can see, the job is printed in just two colours with the lead colour being a pale metallic. Now usually metallics require a coated material, otherwise they don't look metallic! However Omnia 280gsm was chosen because it had the right "uncoated" feel and would reproduce the metallic as well as a coated paper. Note the hot foil blocking in metallic silver foil on the front cover.

This is an excellent example of using a material, such as Omnia, for a part of a project which can just lift the whole of a publication and make it feel special. The material for the main catalogue was a printers "house recycled uncoated offset" - which was a choice dictated by cost.
spread showing inside text pages

Art Direction is by Pentagram. Design is by Turnbull Grey with Chris Turnbull (UAL alumni) as creative director. It was produced in conjunction with Simon Goode at the Department of Communications and Development at the University of the Arts and thanks to Simon for sending me copies.

It was printed by Tradewinds who are based in Peckham in South London.
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