Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Inside|Outside 2013

Inside|Outside is an interesting project run by the printmaking team at the London College of Communication (LCC). The project involved 3 workshops, 3 locations and 3 processes. "A challenge to revisit the whole process of printmaking, considering parameters such as sustainability, environment, resources and waste. An experience outside the comfort of the studio to let the natural elements changing staff and students' way of thinking."

You can read more about the project lead by Pathway Leader Jack Blake and Printmaking Technician Barbara Salvadori and the LCC students at

The end of project publication is printed by London based co-operative Calverts, chosen as they have excellent sustainable credentials and use all vegetable inks and their energy use is from renewable sources. They selected Favini SHIRO Alga Carta, Avorio 90gsm, chosen because it was in keeping with the sustainable nature of the project, because it is manufactured partly using algae harvested from the Venice lagoon, combined with FSC certified fibres. Algae blooms at the end of Summer in the Venice lagoon as the warm water combines with pollution and must be harvested to maintain the lagoon's eco-balance.
The format is an A5 broadsheet which folds out to A2. Printed in two colours, offset Litho.
Photography and design is by Jack Blake and Barbara Salvadori. Print was handled by Arthur Stitt at Calverts. A most interesting project and publication.
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