Thursday, 4 July 2013

Alan Fletcher Archive

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If you aren't already aware of this, I think you'll find this pretty interesting. In the last month a new website archiving the work of Alan Fletcher has been put up. The site has been designed by Crescent Lodge and I asked Lynda Brockbank, the creative director to write a few words about the project:
The Alan Fletcher Archive website project began two years ago and was initiated by Alan’s daughter Raffaella with archivist Sarah Copplestone. The ‘soft’ launch on 31 May, was the moment when a rich mix of Alan’s work had been curated and digitised, important texts had been collected and commissioned, and the shop was ready to open. There’s still a vast collection, some of it unseen, that will continue to be added (some may yet be discovered), to build a living resource on Alan’s life, times and work. You can, of course, contact the Archive by email and also join the mailing list

The link to the new website is:

Lynda remarked that it’s just wonderful to be able to look through all the amazing material in the archive and what a privilege it's been to work on the project.

...and I also have a small archive of my own! I have a set of ceramic desk accessories that Alan Fletcher designed for Time and Life in 1961 (bought in 2004 on the advice of a very sage Alan Dye from NB Studio ...thanks Alan)
...and I am the proud owner of a print that Alan gave me titled "a bouquet of flowers". I was at his studio one afternoon and had to rush off home as it was my anniversary that evening...
This new website is a brilliant resource and I look forward to seeing it grow and develop as more of the archive is uploaded.
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