Wednesday 17 July 2013

Final Project - Matt Emmins

This is a project which I think is of interest, produced on our Offenbach Bible  A final major project for Matt Emmins at Portsmouth University and his description of the project is as follows:

"The project entitled '360' originated as a look into the use of circles in information design and whether they were a valid and viable way of showing data in a visual form. As the project developed it evolved into looking at 'the perfect circle' and whether it can be drawn freehand. This prompted me to test my own drawing abilities as well as my peers and lecturers to see who was more capable. I ended up collating a set of hand drawn circles which became a data set, that I began too use in an empirical research project. I aimed to discover patterns and trends in the way people draw circles. The outcome is a publication which houses the proposal and methodologies used, the data set, printed onto trace layers to allow for comparisons and finally the visual analysis which uses the circular form as its framework"

The project was printed digitally. The size is 1ft x 1ft when opened up so 1ft x 6inches (305x152mm in the real world!) when closed inspired by the size of isotype visualisation charts. The project is typeset in Futura light.

The Offenbach Bible 60gsm is 'French folded' and the project is perfect bound.

Matt's course lecturer at Portsmouth is Michael Harkins (who's appeared on this blog many times before). Among the various people listed in the credits on the back page are all the participants, Maaike van Neck and also! Thanks to Matt for remembering to share with me and to thank us for supplying a small order of paper for this project.
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