Monday, 22 July 2013

Bob Eight Pop

Bob Eight Pop is a small, boutique silkscreen studio based in East London who have been doing work for an impressive list of clients for over thirty years. Clients such as Cartier, Bibliotheque, The Design Museum, Church of London, Matthew Williamson and Airside to name but a few.

Earlier this year Bob Eight Pop (BEP) became part of the Absolute group of companies, a one stop shop for brands and retailers. They develop packaging solutions, print procurement and all manner of services that brands require on a global basis. Regular readers of this blog may remember the lovely Ted Baker SS|2012 lookbook that Absolute printed on our StarFine last year.

Anyway, Absolute are now running a series of workshops for the brands and customers they work with and they invited me along to BEP last week, to see what was going on. Demonstrations by the printers were followed by an invitation to have a go...
One of the prints pictured below. A particularly poignant quote by Frank Lloyd Wright, which thankfully was printed on our Colorset 100% Recycled paper!
BEP has hand bench equipment and also a carousel for textile printing. Below is one of the invited guests in the studio, creating a unique design on a T shirt.
Company founder  Bob Ellis, (you'll recognise him from the identity pic below) flanked by Andrew Towers (Left) and Gary Elliott (Right) Managing Director of Absolute.
It was a great afternoon, very enlightening and educative was great fun as well as they had laid on beer (brewed literally around the corner) with custom "Absolute" labelling.

Too many people to thank for the invitation, suffice it to say thank you to all and I look forward to trying the beer.

Bob Eight Pop is a really interesting small company. They are half a dozen people with a wealth of knowledge and experience together with a real passion for print.
PS in case you were wondering the excellent Bob Eight Pop identity was created by Dry
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