Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Deutsche Bank 365

This is another edition of the CSR literature produced by Deutsche Bank who now have a system of regional newspapers showing how their global strategy is being applied at a local level by the bank and its people. The system has been developed by Studio 2br to extend its CSR communications beyond the normal production of a yearly report (previous issues have appeared on the blog before)
It is a 12pp format with a finished size of 470x315mm 'endorsement folded' to 235x315mm. The layout, content and photography contribute to make this a beautiful looking publication. The material used is our Enviro-Tech 80gsm, which is 100% recycled with good opacity and whiteness and was chosen both for this (because of the format) and it's environmental credentials.
Design is by Studio 2br. Creative Director on the project is David Shalam and the designers are Daniel Hayes and Dave Young. Print is by London based printer The Colourhouse.

I said it before about the previous issue of this job and I'll say it again - if only all pieces of corporate literature could look as good as this...

Posted by Justin Hobson 24.07.2013 

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