Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fenner Paper joins Greeting Card Association

Fenner Paper is proud to be the first ( ...and as yet, only!) paper company to be granted Associate Membership of the Greeting Card Association (GCA).

Established in 1919, the GCA is an independent not for profit organisation owned by its members. It provides wide-ranging information and specialist resources for publishers, artists and writers. The organisation offers help, advice and support, together with a range of membership services including courses run by members for members. 

Sarah Glennie and Sharon Little
of the GCA
Sarah Glennie (pictured on the left) is the person here at Fenner Paper who specifically works with Greeting Card designers and publishers - and it's worth mentioning that we work with all sizes of publishers ...literally from those producing cards on their kitchen tables upwards! Sarah says "We look forward to being a valuable and active member of the association, particularly supporting new and upcoming card publishers, to help them make the right choices for their card designs"

If any reader of this blog is thinking about starting to publish their own cards and would like some advice and information (things like sizes, envelope availability etc,) you can contact Sarah directly
Posted by Justin Hobson 31.07.2013

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