Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Last of Us - Media Kit

This is an exquisite piece of media kit packaging produced for Sony Computer Entertainment for their recently launched The Last of Us, playstation3 game. The package consisted of a premium limited edition box, 7 different language versions, distributed to over 2500 members of the media across 4 continents and 33 countries!

Fluid Design, lead creative Paul Whitaker, said "Focusing on the game’s strong visual imagery and limited colour palette, we included subtle survival-esque connotations: download codes as matches and the kit is presented in a pvc o-ring, designed to look of the game world – dirty, stained and mouldy with diecut bullet hole effect. The two-piece rigid black covered box, features a foiled logo on the lid and introduces the 2 main characters, Joel and Ellie, printed on the inner"
The main booklet has a 4pp cover and a 12pp text printed on our Marazion Ultra 135gsm, printed in four colour, giving the pages a tactile feel on the unprinted parts and a sheen on the printed areas.The finished size of the booklet is 190mm square but as you may notice from the picture below, the text is set in by 5mm around the edge which gives it a much "bookier" feel.
Marazion Ultra was also used for a match book and the duplexed cards.

In the gaming world it's been getting a lot of coverage on the internet, including an "unboxing" where someone literally takes everything out of the box, bit by bit! (these gaming people are pretty serious!)You can watch it here:

Quite apart from the paper, one of my favourite items is the cassette tape in a case which is included in the kit and guess what, it isn't a cassette, it's a cleverly disguised USB stick. All in all, this is a superb presentation.

Art direction, design and production is by Birmingham based Fluid Design. Lead creative on the project is Paul Whitaker.
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