Friday, 26 July 2013

The Marshes

Hackney Marshes are city and wilderness. They are wild and grubby, empty and teeming with rubbish and stories. 'The Marshes' brings together images by Josh Lustig and text by Samuel Wright, in an unconventional design that lets the photographs and writing interact and interweave throughout.

'The Marshes' is the first publication from Tartaruga Press. As sprawling and untamed as its subject, this is a book designed to be explored, played with, and re-read.
The size of the publication is 240 x 165mm, portrait. The 4pp cover is printed on our Flora Avorio, 240gsm, silkscreen printed. For those that aren't familiar with it, Flora is a 50% recycled paper with natural deliberately visible inclusions and fibres. The 52pp main section printed on Shiro Echo, Bright White 120gsm (our 100% recycled). Their are two smaller "insert" sections 220x145mm (1x24pp and 1x28pp) printed on Offenbach Bible 60gsm.
Somewhat surprisingly, but with amazing effectiveness, the images on the main text are all printed single colour, offset litho and the halftone reproduction of the monochromatic images is superb.
There is also a single sheet loose leaf letterpress on the Flora Avorio, 100gsm (below)
It's also worth pointing out that it's beautifully bound. It's "three hole sewn" in black thread which suits the publication perfectly. 

The inset sections on the Offenbach Bible 60gsm are printed in 2 colours, black and a special green ( printed offset litho).
James Cartwright, posting on, writes "Beautifully printed and bound, The Marshes is a wonderful example of a work that utilises print to the very best of its capabilities, bringing writer, photographer and designer together to make something uniquely tactile and extraordinary"

Design is by Daisy Lumley. The cover was silkscreened by hand in two colours by Max Bondi. Litho printing and finishing is by Paul Martin at Jigsaw Colour. Thanks to Josh and Max for sending me file copies and for their kind note. This is their first publication (limited edition of 300 copies) and I can't wait to see the next one....

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