Thursday, 26 September 2013

Modern Poetry in Translation 2013

Modern Poetry in Translation (MPT) is a magazine, originally founded by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort. The first issue, published in 1965 was a 12pp broadsheet printed on a Bible paper and cost 2s 6d! MPT presented poems by a wide range of authors, particularly from Eastern Europe introducing them into a wider circulation in English in the West. The original designer of the publication was Richard Hollis, continuing until 2004.
Strange Tracks is the first issue under the new editorship of Sasha Dugdale -  MPT has had very few changes in editorship: this is only the third in fifty years! With the new issue and editorship has come a radical change of image. The editor began working with Katy Mawhood at Reading University’s Department of Typography to produce a magazine that both referred back to the iconic designs by Richard Hollis in the 1960s and 1970s, and is contemporary and fresh in look and feel. The cover of each issue is illustrated by an international artist, with the cover of this edition by Perienne Christian.
Strange Tracks features new poems from Argentina, Venezuela, China and Italy, poems about the casualties of the Mexican drug wars by Luis Felipe Fabre and Valérie Rouzeau’s Apollinaire Prize-winning poems in Susan Wicks’ translations.  
The magazine is 215x140mm, portrait. The 122pp text is all printed on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm and printed in 2 colour, red and black throughout. Images are reproduced as halftones. The publication is section sewn.
Design is by Katy Mawhood, you may like to read her thoughts on the design of MPT. in which she explains her rationale behind the design and production.
Print is by Wakefield based Charlesworth Press.

This is a really lovely piece of literature which feels good in the hand and is definitely one of those publications which invites the reader in.
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