Friday, 14 March 2014

Design Bridge - 25 years

Design Bridge has published this beautiful book to celebrate their twenty fifth anniversary. This well known brand design agency started in London but now has a truly global reach with offices in Amsterdam and Singapore.
The book is titled 'Twenty Five Stories' and is a collection of 25 thoughts which make up a cohesive story of Design Bridge, about the brands, clients and products that have been the focus of their business over the years and include many references to that well known and popular Clerkenwell watering hole, The Three Kings!
The format of the book is 250mm square in a casebound greyboard cover with binding tape (in four different colours) along the spine which is silkscreen printed in black. The greyboard has been exquisitely embossed with 25 'tree rings' (or Dendros as they are known). 
The 122pp text is printed on our StarFine White 170gsm and is absolutely sublime, both in terms of the design and print (and paper, of course!) The text sections are printed offset litho in CMYK throughout with some of the sections printed with a pantone silver as well.
As one might expect, the quality of the images is superb and the quality of the print is stunning, the black solids are particularly impressive. 

The books are finished with a black headband and ribbon.
The team that designed and produced the book is Vicky Evans, Rhian Brain, Holly Pallister, James Minta, David Clabon, Craig Goldhawk, Nathan Jordan and Adam Stanley.
Photographers include Iain Crockart, Rupert Singleton, Lisa Tubbs, Ian Forsyth and Terry Benson.

The printing and production is by Identity Print, based in Paddock Wood in Kent and the print quality, finishing and binding is quite simply superb. Paul Winter handled the job at Identity.

All in all a beautifully produced piece of literature that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.
...and it's also worth pointing out that we supplied the custom made boxes for the book, which as you can see from the picture are constructed in such a way that the books are perfectly protected.
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