Monday, 24 March 2014

Working The Land

This is a striking looking invitation for an exhibition held last year. Emerging Architects is a series of events run by Buro Happold to promote and expose the work of some of the world’s most imaginative and engaging new architects. This exhibition, Working The Land, showcases the work of Haptic Architects.
Haptic, says, “Working the Land’ presents some of the recent work of Haptic through a variety of mediums; from traditional architectural images and drawings to an interactive installation entitled “Light Touch”. The exhibition provides an insight into Haptic’s ethos, to work carefully and strategically with the site context, whilst focusing on materiality and craftsmanship.”
The invitation is 285mm square and is printed in two pantone colours, green and grey. It is further complimented by the wonderful deep embossing...
It is printed on our Matrisse 350gsm, which has a high bulk and is ideal for embossing as it gives a perfectly crisp embossed finish
You can read more about the event here:

Design is by BOB Design in London. Creative Director is Mireille Burkhardt.

Print and the superb embossing is by Benwells in London.
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