Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Guardian News & Media sustainability report

This is the printed summary of the Guardian News & Media sustainability report. The whole report is available online http://www.theguardian.com/sustainability but this report is printed to give out to staff and partners.

The size of the report is 148mm square, saddle stitched and has a 4pp cover and 16pp text. The publication is printed on our Shiro Echo, White (200gsm and 120gsm) which is 100% recycled and also carries FSC certification.

Detail of illustration
The report is beautifully illustrated by Laurent Cilluffo, superbly evocative artworks make this a really special piece of literature.


The design, typography, illustrations and the paper choice combine to male this a truly engaging piece of literature.
Design is by the in-house design team at The Guardian. Production handled by Leon Abrahams.

Print is by Cantate, a division of the John Good Group and thanks to Jason Maclaren at Cantate for sending me file copies.

Posted by Justin Hobson 06.05.2014

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