Thursday, 22 May 2014

Widening Participation Yearbook

Kings' College in London is one of the country's leading universities. Widening participation is one of the eight strategic priorities for the college. There is a programme of targeted activities across the London area with the aim of improving progression and success of students under-represented at King's and other universities. 
Anne-Marie Canning is the Head of Widening Participation and commissioned this yearbook to report on the department's work throughout the year.  
Size is 263x200mm, portrait and is perfect bound. It has a 4pp cover and a 44pp text which is printed on Omnia 280gsm and 150gsm. The whole job is printed CMYK, offset litho. The cover is hot foil blocked in a high gloss white foil and is striking.
The images look superb on the Omnia; the subtle mono colours used for divider spreads and the reproduction of the four colour images with their darker areas and heavy ink coverage is superb. The Omnia has kept all the detail in those heavy areas of CMYK together with the tactility of an uncoated paper feel- detail which would be lost on other paper.
The publication has a 5mm spine and even though it is perfect bound, as opposed to section sewn, it feels strong and opens well. The relationship between the text and cover weights with the size of book and binding, all works superbly.

Design is by Ephemeral Forever, the creative director is Andy Welland. You can read more about the project and see more images here:

Print has been managed by Niel Owen at Webmart.

Thanks to Anne-Marie and Hannah at WPD for sending me file copies.
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