Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Freytag Anderson - Recent projects & insights

Here's a simple but very effective piece of self promotion by Glasgow based studio Freytag Anderson. The mailing arrives in a cellophane bag, with it's contents clearly visible. 

The contents include a 20pp newspaper 380x289mm, which actually is a newspaper, printed on newsprint by Newspaper Club. If you aren't familiar with Newspaper Club, it is a great resource - artwork is uploaded digitally and publications are grouped together and printed at the same time on a large newspaper press. A very economical way of producing print - although there are limitations, such as the small matter of the paper - it's newsprint or newsprint! ...so don't even bother about asking for anything else! There are digital versions available as well for shorter runs. All in all they are a great resource. Newspaper Club are based in Glasgow although they operate globally. You can see them here: http://www.newspaperclub.com/
The A5 portrait, 4pp wrap is printed on Colorset Indigo 270gsm. It is printed using white ink on an HP Indigo press, which is a digital printing press. Some, but not all presses are equiped with the facility for printing white ink.
The white ink is very effective. What is interesting is that because of the way an HP Indigo press works, it can keep on laying pass on pass of white on top, so the density of white ink is contollable and as you can see from this example, it is an excellent result. It was printed by Pureprint.
The combination of a cost effective newspaper and a digitally (but highly innovative) printed piece, provides an economical solution to mass production of printed literature.

The publication is produced by Freytag Anderson. You may remember that back in June I wrote about them on this blog as they had been awarded with four Drum awards including Scottish Design Agency of the Year 2014:

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