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This is one of the very best pieces of design and print to have appeared on this blog ...possibly, ever!  BOLD|CRAZY is an internal piece of literature produced for Heineken. Essentially this is a handbook about communication, people and the interconnectivity of social media - about being Bold and less Crazy!

The size of the book is 270x195mm, portrait. It has 152pp on our Omnia, White 120gsm together with 68pp of smaller inserts which are 195x 142mm on Concorde Pure Brilliance 115gsm.
The book is packed full of information and research into the way that brands have handled themselves in certain social media situations - some good and some bad - examples of case studies from which to learn. The way the copywriting works with the design is fantastic and this is a really engaging piece of literature to read.
The content is a bit sensitive which is why there isn't too much on show in these pictures, but hopefully you can get an idea. The top image above, shows 'tip ins' with fantastically accurate line ups, the above image shows the gloss UV varnish over the number 3, which looks amazing. Print is all offset litho with a special orange.

The choice of the papers has worked brilliantly. The Omnia gives the cool greys, flat blacks and vibrant orange a flat mattness (except where the Gloss UV appears) and this contrasts with the smaller size tip in's on the high gloss lightweight paper (Concorde Pure Brilliance 115gsm)

The 'exposed' binding is one of the best examples I have ever seen. Often this type of binding has too much glue (looks ugly) or too little (too loose with threads hanging off) - this looks great and works perfectly.
This picture shows the way the smaller sections works perfectly with the larger sections and haven't distorted the size of the spine.
The front and back hardcovers are 'paper over board' with Omnia 120gsm with a 'Soft Touch Lamination' mounted onto 2500microm greyboard. making a substantial, yet very tactile cover. The words BOLD|CRAZY are hot foil blocked in matt white foil. Another lovely feature is the three orange ribbons.
Design is by the London office of research agency Fabricww. Creative director on the project is Lauren Edwards and designer on the project is Aurélie Delage. Although I can't confess to have read it all, it appears to be a really well researched and written piece of literature.

Print and production is by Richline based in London with Darren Risley handling the production.

Now although I always make a point of being objective on this blog and strive not to 'plug' anyone in particular, this is one of the first projects that I've seen produced by Richline and it really is truly superb - printed beautifully, the binding executed with masterful precision and the whole job has really high production values.
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