Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Modern House - postcards

Established by Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd, The Modern House is the UK’s foremost estate agency, only selling modernist and contemporary architecture for over a decade.
This is their most recent promotional mailer titled "Selling Britain's Finest Modern Architecture" showing four properties in the format of a concertina postcard book.
The format is a 12pp A6 concertina. Flat size is 148x634mm, folding to 148x105mm. The concertina folds into a pre-creased 3mm spine. Printed CMYK offset litho and the cards are perforated.
The concertina is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 315gsm, which prints beatifully and fits with the modernist, utilitarian architecture.
showing how the concertina folds into the spine
The superbly creased 3mm spine. It's touches such as this - good creasing - that make all the difference to a project like this:
Click on image to enlarge & see perforation
...and the other thing that shouldn't be overlooked is the perforations. As you can see from this picture, perforations can look great, even beautiful. These perfs. only look this good because the designer took the time to explain what he wanted to the printer. There are a selection of different perforation "bars" available at print finishers - so do ask a printer to get samples and to show you different types. If you don't convey your expectations to the printer, then they'll generally use the perforating bar that's on the machine and you may be disappointed.

Art direction and design is by Field Projects. Print production is by Michael Keyworth at Key Printers.
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