Thursday, 6 November 2014

Beautiful Wedding Invitation

This is a beautifully produced invitation for a wedding held this summer. Katherine Heaton is Account Director at Johnson Banks, so the invitation designed by her colleagues in the studio was bound to be something special.
The invitation and supporting items are all 140mm square. The items are all printed on our Colorset, Natural (100% recycled). The main invitation is triplexed 350gsm which makes it over 1.5mm thick.
The invitation is gilt edged in gold which makes the best of the thickness and looks just beautiful. 
The 140mm square cards all fit into the 155mm square envelope that we also keep as a standard size in the Colorset range.
Print production for the invitations and supporting cards is by Pureprint. All items were digitally printed using an HP Indigo press.

The wedding and reception was held at Voewood, a renowned arts and crafts house in Norfolk which is owned and run by the celebrity antiquarian bookseller Simon Finch.
Posted by Justin Hobson 06.11.2014

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