Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Crush from Favini

Many of you will know about our lovely range called CRUSH from Favini. The paper is made partly using the residue from the industrial processing of crushed citrus fruit, coffee, nuts, olives, kiwi and corn.
These agro-industrial "end of life" products replace up to 15% of conventional tree pulp. The range is available in 100, 120, 200, 250 and 350gsm and the shades are natural, earthy tones and the feel of the paper is natural and tactile. We launched the range in 2013 and here is the link about the launch:
Well, here is the new 2015 swatch....
...and this is the new colour range including two new shades, Cherry and Lavender.
The new shades are made using residues from cherry and lavender processing and make truly delightful, natural looking shades but with a strong dense colouring.
You can read more about CRUSH here on the Favini website:

If you would like samples, please just get in contact and I'll send you a new swatch.
Posted by Justin Hobson 27.05.2015

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