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This book is a photographic study by Edward Barber with an essay by Danielle Inga. The introduction perfectly sums up the content of the publication: "Resolve: An intimate survey of work is a photographic study of a wider, burgeoning social movement, acknowledging and celebrating a highly significant yet almost invisible workforce. Individuals are linked through their own personal sense of resolve to persist and remain tenacious in their chosen field. This is not an exhaustive survey but and opportunity to start a dialogue about the nature of work in the twenty first century"
The book contains forty portraits of people working in a diverse range of occupations from Jeweller to textile trader, baker, shoe retailer, medical herbalist etc, The one thing these subjects have in common is that they all work for themselves.

The book is 270x210mm, portrait, and is section sewn. The 96pp text is printed on our Omnia 150gsm and as you can see from the above images, there is lots of colour going down  - loads of ink and it looks great on the Omnia, while still retaining a tactile uncoated look and feel.

Introduction and the essay
This 'limpbound' book has a cover on Colorset Flint 350gsm, which is hot foil blocked in black gloss foil. Below you can see the front cover of the book sitting inside the 'book-jacket' which is also printed on Omnia 150gsm
Inside the cover, there is a 2pp 'tipped-in' flysheet on our Colorset 120gsm and which is completely unprinted. This is a really cost effective way to increase production values and very little cost. By including a sheet like this in the publication, it reinforces value but because it isn't being printed or processed in any way, the only cost is the paper, no overs involved or the cost of printing.
Images showing 2pp unprinted flysheet which appears both at the front and the back.
The below image shows the 12mm spine and the way that the book-jacket wraps snuggly around the section sewn binding.
Ed Barber is a photographic artist, specialising in images of people and their relationship to space and environment. He is best known for his portraiture, through major projects such as Peace Moves, All Dressed Up, In the City. He is one of the few photographers to have their work displayed and in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

Design is by SampsonMay with the typography by Liam Weyell.

ALSO today (election day)  is particular apt day to be posting this project. Ed's response to the General Election countdown was to post an image every day on Visual Athletics Club - for the last 100 days

Printing, including the hot foil blocking on the cover, is by Ambrose Press. Jonathan Savory handled the project. Particular care has been taken over the repro - as with all projects for photographers, there is detail in the images which can only be appreciated by the photographer and it is the skill of the printer to be able to listen and interpret these comments in the finished printed job. Not always easy to do but this is a beautiful piece of printed literature.
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