Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jobs from the past - Number 68

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by...

Pigs are Great - 2001
This self promtional piece of literature was designed by The Partners for Gavin Martin, the printing company back in 2001. The mailing is designed to be one piece, inserted into a neat 'Oink' envelope. The photography is by Geoff Smith.
The finished size is 120x77mm, portrait and is a long concertina. This gives the mailing 5 spreads in total.
The concertina which is 987mm long, folds up as below:
One of the things to note is the 2mm, free standing spine, into which the concertina folds. This is where the choice of material is important, so that the weight/bulk is light enough that it will take a machine made crease, yet be light enough for the pages to turn over nicely.
It is printed on our Matrisse 140gsm, which is a white very bulky uncoated with a toothy feel. Images, showing the fully extended mailer, printed CMYK plus pantone special, with the inside printed with the special only...
Art direction and design is by The Partners. Print is by Gavin Martin. Photography is by Geoff Smith.
A clever and well thought out piece of literature, which maximises the format of a B1 press and sheet of paper...

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