Wednesday, 23 September 2015

D&AD President's Lecture - Philippe Starck

Yesterday evening I went to the D&AD presidents lecture to hear eccentric designer, Philippe Starck at Shoreditch Town Hall.

It was billed as follows: "Notes from Elsewhere" will open new windows into the inner workings of this prolific and profound creative ‘supermonkey’, as he challenges us to explore the space between dreams and reality via carefully chosen topics to entertain, inspire and provoke the audience"

Yep, well I reckon he did that OK! He certainly did jump around the many subjects he spoke about and as promised to his wife, hardly swore or mentioned sex at all!
In my opinion, attending events like this is very important. It helps to get other people's perspective and hear what else is going on. At £15 per ticket, it's good value too....
Posted by Justin Hobson 23.09.2015

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