Monday, 7 September 2015

Studio Nicholson S|S 2015

Studio Nicholson is a contemporary design studio based in London. Creative Director and founder Nick Wakeman is obsessive about beautiful cloth and draws influences from Japanese and Italian culture. The Studio Nicholson brand embodies a total design ethos using refined materials, which is conveyed in this beautifully produced lookbook for the Spring|Summer 2015 collection printed on our Offenbach Bible.

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Size is 240 x 190mm, portrait. It is a 24pp 'self-cover' is printed offset litho in CMYK on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm, the lightweight paper works exquisitely with the images.   
There is a combination of images printed in full colour and images in 'monochrome' but which are also printed out of CMYK.
The above image is the centre spread. This publication is saddle stitched using a white coated wire which is a lovely touch and works well. A nice, well considered finish.
The image below shows a stack of spines with the white wire stitching (staples)
The whole publication is all printed on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm ...and it looks and feels absolutely gorgeous - it flops and folds in a delightful way when handling the publication as I hope these images demonstrate:
Art direction and design is by JJ Marshall Associates. Creative Director is Jethro Marshall.

Excellent print and finishing is by Principal Colour based in Paddock Wood, Kent.
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