Friday, 20 November 2015

Creative Courage - A Lesson in Misdirection

Creative Courage is NB:Studio's mantra; a rallying cry, a touchstone, a catalyst. It’s also a platform for a series of talks, events and activities. Yesterday evening, I was invited to a Creative Courage talk at NB's Bankside studio which was being given by Simon Evans. Titled 'A lesson in Misdirection' , this wasn't just a talk, it was magic!

This is the fourth in the series of talks/events hosted by NB:Studio and it is a brilliant idea. These evening events stimulate new ideas, are great for staff, clients and suppliers alike and can bring a fresh perspective and thinking to a creative environment - in my opinion more studios should host events such as this.
Simon Evans was introduced by NB:Studio partner Nick Finney(above). Simon is a Theatre director, two time Close-up Magician of the year and National Theatre Magic Consultant amongst many other activities.
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Simon gave his masterclass in 'misdirection' explaining how magicians make you look in the right place at the wrong time – or the wrong place at the right time! This was part lecture, part performance and mostly magic show!
It's given me some great ideas for shuffling swatches and making other paper companies sample books disappear - what an illusion that would be!

It was a magical evening and my thanks go to all at NB:Studio for inviting me and to Simon Evans for an extremely insightful talk and a wonderful performance.
Posted by Justin Hobson 20.11.2015

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