Friday, 10 June 2016

Season Zine

Following on with the footballing theme, here is another project on the subject, which is also a stunning piece of design and print.

SEASON is a cross between a fashion magazine and a football zine. This new publication reveals the preferences and rituals of fashion and football fans. Their perspectives on the world’s most popular sport are explored in thoughtful and intimate ways, focusing on why these fans care and what they wear.
Featuring interviews, essays, photography and more from up-and-coming creatives, SEASON aims to kick off a dialogue acknowledging how modern football and fashion play into each other. Issue 1 is dedicated to 'The Female Fan'
Above image shows front cover and back cover

Size is 240x165mm, portrait (very economical format on a B1 press). It is a 72pp 'self cover' and is printed offset litho on our Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. The paper is a neutral white shade gives the publication a 'newspapery' feel which really works with the images and zine design.
Many of the spreads which are purely type work particularly well with the paper - the neutral white just works with black type superbly.
At 72pp it is at the limit of saddle stitching - only because it can get a bit "gappy" in the middle. In my opinion this is acceptable, but were the gap or gape to get much larger, I think it would start to look a bit ugly.
As it is, the zine just flows beautifully. Pages turn easily and is an excellent example where the design, the print and the paper work in synergy. It has a wonderful quality about it - a really interesting, well put together piece of literature.
Season is published by Felicia Pennant. The designer is Natalie Doto. Production and print is by Ricky Aldred at VR Print based in Tonbridge. Superb reproduction.
Posted by Justin Hobson 10.06.2016

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