Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Although not actually about a Fenner Paper product, I thought this was such a noteworthy project, that I must write about it....
Animail is a set of six animal stamps designed for the Royal Mail to appeal to children and adults alike. The creatures' hands, feet or tails are designed to fold around the edge of envelopes, giving them the appearance of holding on to the post.
Image courtesy of Osborne Ross
The instructions about how to fold them over the edge of the envelope is on the reverse of the stamp pack, pictured in the image below
The project commissioned by the Royal Mail was designed by our friends at Osborne Ross, a design studio based in West London. Design partners are Deborah Osborne and Andrew Ross You can read more about the project here:

Image courtesy of Osborne Ross
Postcards are also available to buy from post offices (which I did!). You see, design can be fun!
...and you maybe one of the lucky ones who receives some samples from us with an added bit of fun! As you can see, we've been monkeying about with these in our post room! (actually, I think that should be Orangutaning around)
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