Saturday, 3 September 2016

Peace Signs

In May, I wrote about the opening of an exhibition at the Imperial War Museum called Peace Signs , by the photographer Edward Barber and I was pleased to have been invited to the opening.

This is the simple piece of literature which accompanies the exhibition.  It's a well designed, beautifully produced piece of print with high impact. The finished size is 152x108mm folding out to a flat size of 304x434mm.

The mono image is printed with a border of  'nuclear' yellow which reflects the colour used on the walls in the exhibition. There is one image on the front...
...on the reverse is an image of the graphic installation entitled the Mind Map of Anti-Nuclear Protest, created by Danielle Inga and Edward Barber specifically for this exhibition. It's folded as a map fold - concertina and then folded over.
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One thing which is almost impossible to convey is that it's been printed on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm. It is superbly light and has a great "rattle" which it's just not possible to convey in pictures. It folds and handles beautifully.
You probably won't be able to guess, or even believe, is that it's digitally printed! The job was printed and finished by a digital print company called Typecast Colour, based in Paddock Wood, Kent. It was printed on their Xerox digital press and the result is superb. Printing digitally printing the limited run viable - even on a material such as this, which many litho printers are scared of!...just look at the print result.

...and there is an interesting story as well. Fran De'Ath is the lady in the main photograph and she was interviewed for The Guardian last month for their series called "That's me in the picture"

If you want to see the exhibition, you'll have to hurry as it finishes tomorrow (4th September)
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