Monday, 12 September 2016

Yorkshire House

Yorkshire House is a landmark 1960's building in Greek Street, central Leeds. Having undergone a major refurbishment, it now provides 83,000 square feet of prime office space. The refurbishment has been done in such a way that this is now a low carbon office environment. The scheme incorporates 'the Yorkshire Hub' which is a range of flexible office spaces specifically aimed at the creative and media industries.
This is the sales brochure for the new complex, which is designed to appeal to the design savvy clients that are the target audience.
The size is 297x240mm and the cover, or covers are silkscreen printed on 2000micron Greyboard, which has been mounted on the actual cover to make a nice chunky cover.
Click on image to enlarge
The book has two front covers, a format I have described before as a 'double-ender'. The white cover is the "Introduction to Straight Thinking" and the Red cover introduces the fact that this is a buzzing creative environment with a distinctive Yorkshire touch....
You can see below with the cover spread out...
The actual 4pp cover is printed on our Colorset Bright Red 350gsm (which then has the Greyboard mounted on the outside. The below spread shows the inside front cover, with the Colorset on the left, which has been silkscreen printed in one colour (white).
A striking feature is the 'three hole sewing' used for the binding (see below image). There are two 'banks' of three hole sewing - making six holes in all, using white thread.
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The 32pp text is printed on our Omnia 150gsm. This choice of materials works with the design superbly. Lots of white space, with the paper feeling tactile and the predominant red and blacks looking really punchy and the four colour images looking fabulously detailed and crisp, in a way that they just wouldn't on a traditional uncoated paper.
Omnia has an uncoated look and feel but it has a surface treatment which means the printed result is similar to that of a coated paper - bright, vivid and punchy. The text throughout is printed offset litho.

The centre spread (below) with the two banks of three hole sewing in the spine.
Below image shows the top and foredge of the book and the way that the Greyboard is mounted on the cover. The total thickness is 9mm.
To go with the brochure, custom envelopes (324x265mm) were manufactured using Colorset Bright Red 120gsm and also silkscreen printed in white.

Detail of silkscreen on envelope
Art direction and design is by creative consultants Heavenly. Creative director on the project is Tony de.Ste.Croix.

Printing, including production of the silkscreen cover and the superb finishing and three hole sewing, is by Gavin Martin Colournet.
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