Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Linda Kitson - Drawings and Projects

This is the catalogue for last years' exhibition at the House of Illustration. Linda Kitson’s line drawings have recorded seminal moments in British history. This exhibition and catalogue charts a lifetime of putting pen to paper including her drawings on the front line of the Falklands War, as the first woman artist commissioned to accompany troops into combat. The reportage works on show lead up to her most recent, innovative ventures on the iPad. The exhibition was curated by Quentin Blake, who has known Kitson since she was first a student at the Royal College of Art.   
The size of the catalogue is 240mm square. There is a 4pp cover and 48pp text all printed on our Omnia. An important factor for the publication was to capture the narrative and the sensitivity of the work, whilst ensuring there is no compromise on the reproduction of the artwork. Omnia was chosen as it would faithfully reproduce the artworks whilst still lending the tactility of the original uncoated materials used.
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Cover is printed on 320gsm and the 48pp text is printed on Omnia 150gsm.
Omnia performed brilliantly throughout the publication, ensuring that the fine detail in many of the illustrations was reproduced superbly. In stark contrast is the last spread which is one of Linda Kitson's iPad pieces, which quite literally jumps off the page!
The book is section sewn with a nice square spine..
The catalogue has been beautifully printed and finished by Jigsaw Colour.
You can read more about Linda's exhibition here:

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