Monday, 25 June 2018

Begg & Co AW17

Begg & Co have been making beautiful scarves, wraps and stoles in Scotland since 1866. The small coastal town of Ayr has been at the heart of the brand for well over a century, when founder Alex Begg opened his first mill and began working with skilled local weavers. Begg’s original ethos is maintained thanks to the modern-day team of dedicated craftspeople, who continue to source the best quality yarns in order to create timeless, versatile products that are heavenly to touch and a delight to own.

This is the lookbook for last year's Autumn Winter collection showing both Men and Women's collection. The finished size of the publication is 266x145mm and forms a 24pp broadsheet, folding out to 798x580mm.
The above image shows the front and back covers. The format is a "parallel gatefold" as you can see from the image below...
The first spread is below
folding out to the next spread....
The whole publication is all printed offset litho on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm ...and it looks and feels absolutely gorgeous - it flops and folds in a delightful way when handling the publication as I hope these images demonstrate. The below image shows the way it concertina's from top to bottom (vertical folds) before folding horizontally
One side...
and the other side...
Creative direction and design is by Studio Small. Photography is by Josh Hight.
Printing is by Push and the reproduction on our Offenbach Bible 60gsm is truly scrumptious!
Posted by Justin Hobson 25.06.2018

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