Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The World Cup for type lovers...

Here's a World Cup wallchart for the typographic purist!
This A1 size wallchart is very simply produced in just two colour litho and is printed on our wonderful Shiro Alga Carta 90gsm from Italian paper manufacturer Favini. Shiro Alga Carta began life as a way to utilise the damaging algal blooms which were clogging up Venice lagoon. Now the lagoon in Venice has been cleared of this problem, the concept has now been extended to help the clean up process in other fragile marine areas.
Design is by David Coates, who also happens to be a member of the ISTD board (International Society of Typographic Designers). Printing is by Typecast Colour in Paddock Wood.
We will be sending out some of these wallcharts in the post, but if you want to make absolutely sure you get a copy for next week, you can email me Justin@fennerpaper.co.uk
Posted by Justin Hobson 05.06.2018

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