Monday, 30 July 2018

Design Your Life Podcasts

I'm sure many readers of this blog will be familiar with the work of Vince Frost. His work from London days has appeared on this blog many times. Vince Frost is now the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Frost*collective, a strategic creative group dedicated to designing a better world through human-centered design and they have studios in Sydney and Melbourne.

In 2014, Vince wrote and published a book titled Design Your Life, distributed by Penguin you can read more on this dedicated website here:
To support the thinking behind the content of the book and website, Vince has now launched a series of podcasts where he discusses how design principles can be applied to everyday life with a group of brilliant and diverse creative guests. He chats with designers, journalists, CEOs and founders about the key turning points in their lives and the role design has played in shaping the success of their brands and careers.

There are now seven podcasts available from a diverse range of guests including Paula Scher from Pentagram in New York.

They are well worth listening to. Here's the link:
Posted by Justin Hobson 30th July 2018

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