Thursday, 16 August 2018

Made of Manchester

Two years in the making this 'Made of Manchester' photo book documents more of Manchester from the photographer, Paul Grogan's, perspective. A limited first edition of only 100 copies, the book is beautifully designed by Manchester based branding and web agency Think Design Manchester.

With a foreword by local Celebrity Chef, Andrew Nutter and a contribution from local wordsmith and poet, David Scott who said of the book, “With a rich history that’s been well-documented I thought I had seen Manchester from every angle; and that’s where the charm of Paul’s photography lies. He captures our city with a fresh perspective; through his use of light, shadows and composition you get to see some our most famous landmarks with an unobserved twist; there are also plenty of surprises in how striking he can make Manchester’s deep-seeded urban decay."
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Size of the book is 210mm square and is perfect bound. There is a 4pp cover on Omnia White 280gsm with a 96pp text on Omnia, White 150gsm.
The content has some wonderful spreads, with some wonderfully cropped images and a combination of colour and mono images.
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The 96pp text is bulky but the book still flows well with the pages turning easily.
The 96pp text on 150gsm gives the book a 10mm spine
The book is printed and finished by Manchester's own Galloways Print. As it is a limited edition of just 100 copies, it is printed digitally and the result is superb. 
Paul Grogan lives and works in the Manchester area, having also graduated from MMU in 1997 - so he is a Mancunian through and through, giving him this unique perspective of the city. You can buy the book here.
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