Thursday, 6 September 2018

Colorset - 8 new colours

For those of you not familiar with Colorset, it is our range of coloured text and cover papers which is 100% recycled and more competitively priced than some other well known brands of coloured paper! A few years ago we started to bring in our Colorset range in 350gsm, so we now have ALL colours in 120gsm, 270gsm and 350gsm - all in B1 size (700x1000mm).
We have now further developed the range with 8 new colours, making this a collection of 36 shades.
The new shades include five light shades and three deep shades. The new shades are Blush, Warm White, Glacier, Storm, Hopsack, Charcoal, Spearmint and Deep Blue.
The Colorset brand identity and swatch design was created by The Chase, some years ago but it's still going strong! Creative director on the project was Harriet Devoy and the designer was Monica Pirovano.

If you would like the updated swatch, please drop me an email and I'll pop one in the post
Posted by Justin Hobson 06.09.2018

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