Monday, 24 December 2012

A Triangular Christmas

Here at Fenner Paper, we were delighted to receive a GP Tube-Mailer ™ (which is Generation Press's own invention) packed full of Toblerone bars!
Generation Press printed matching sleeves with the correct brand colours to go round the triangular bars of chocolate, honey and almond deliciousness! 
 ...and here's a close up of the GP Tube-Mailer ™, which in many ways is much more convenient and more robust than a postal tube - andthis is an excellent way of showing just how versatile this form of packaging is!
Our thanks to all at Generation Press for their generous, thoughtful and beautifully presented present. It's worth remembering those companies that look after their suppliers and not just their customers, after all any company is only as strong as it's suppliers! 

Happy Christmas!
Posted by Justin Hobson 24.12.2012

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