Monday, 14 January 2013

13 ...unlucky for some!

Today, I received a superb 2013 new year mailing from Magpie Studio concerning the number 13, which as we all know is unlucky for some - that is, unless you touch some wood! So the guys at Magpie have thoughtfully sent out a piece of wood, so you always have a piece to hand...
Size is 250x115mm and is 7mm thick. Although I can't tell the exact type of wood, it has a lovely grain. Silkscreened in one colour.
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Clever idea and well executed - it was even delivered on the closest date to January 13th (which sadly was a Sunday this year - now that really was unlucky!)

Thanks to all at Magpie for thinking about me and my superstitious well-being in 2013.

Posted by Justin Hobson 14.01.2013

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