Monday, 2 December 2013

An Advent Adventure

Today I received a superb little a superb little Christmas (Advent) book from London agency BOB Design. Beautifully presented, it arrived in a substantial red envelope and wrapped in glassine paper.

An Advent Adventure is 'a seasonal tale of Victorian villainy in twenty four acts' and is written by Jonathan L. Howard.
The size of the book is 115x85mm, portrait. It contains 200pp and is beatifully sewn in sections, with red thread, as you can see pictured below.
It features 'exposed' binding, beautifully folded sections, neatly sewn.

...and here's the clever bit, the text is made of folded, uncut sections, with the instructions to 'reveal one act per day, by tearing along the perforated top of each page' as you can see in the below picture:
On the inside of the folds is printed the story...
This is an exquisite piece of print 'even though it is not printed on lovely Fenner Paper' (as the note, below, states!) Although I don't know the actual paper used, it is an uncoated paper, around 80gsm, with a neutral white shade.

It has been produced by one of the leading book-binderies of the world, BuBu located near Zürich in Switzerland. Some years ago I visited Buchbinderei Burkhardt (BuBu) in Mönchaltorf and was amazed at the combination of the commercial bookbinding, hand bookbinding studio and digital book production. BuBu is an amazing business producing quality, long forgotten in some areas of the UK printing industry.

Design is by BOB Design. Creative directors are Mireille Burkhardt and Kieran O'Connor. Designers are Clara Goodger, Aaron Merrigan and Ed Rivers.
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