Friday, 23 October 2015

Regent Porto Montenegro Penthouses Floorplans

Porto Montenegro is being developed as the Mediterranean’s most comprehensive yacht marina. Along with the berths, there are five private residential buildings with a total of 228 apartments.

These are the floorplans for the Penthouses which form part of the collateral produced for the marina. The flat size is 525x750mmfolding down to 175x250mm.
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The plans are concertina folded as you can see from the birds eye view below:
Folding out to the full flat size of 525x750mm (18pp)
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The floorplans are printed on our Shiro Echo, White 80gsm which 100% recycled and FSC accredited. It is perfect as a material to print these plans on - almost conjuring up a "blue-print" type feel and rattle, They are printed offset litho and are hot foil blocked in metallic gold foil. Below is a detail of the foiling:
Another thing to note is the absence of a "crows foot" on the folds - this is because it was concertina folded. As you can see from the image below - nice clean, crisp folds and no ugly creasing.
You can read more about "Crow's feet" here:

The floorplans are just one of the items in the pack of promotional literature which makes up a whole collection of collateral (below) for the exclusive Regent Porto Montenegro apartments.
Art direction and design is by London branding agency &Smith. Creative Directors are Rachel Smith and Dan Bernstein. Print and production is by Gavin Martin Colournet.
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