Monday, 30 January 2017

Edward Barber

This morning, I learned that photographer Ed Barber died yesterday. Within a month cancer has claimed him. I've just found out and I feel desolate.
Ed Barber speaking at the IWM, 2016
Ed's work has featured many times on this blog, most recently his Peace Signs exhibition last year at the Imperial War Museum. Ed was passionate about life; he was nonconformist, a liberal, rebellious, a maverick and I would say an iconoclast but he'd not like that word! Ed was thoughtful, kind and fun. He was my friend.

Aside from being a photographer, Ed was a father and husband and my thoughts are with his daughters Nina and Sonya and his wife Danny.
Posted by Justin Hobson 30.01.2017
Updated 21.02.2017
Obituary by Peter Kennard in the British Journal of Photography, .

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  1. Such terrible news about such a talented man. I was privileged to have met him and Dani. RIP.


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